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Software Products

Committed to its passion for delivering innovative and futuristic technological solutions to serve the evolving requirements of its valued customers, GBDG established in 2018 the GBDG Software Development and System Integration department.

Our ICT department is currently undertaking pioneering prototype developments and system integration activities in close association with various reputed global R&D organizations to introduce innovative technology solutions for Smart Transportation & Advanced Traffic Management sectors.

Equipped with the latest infrastructure and a team of multi-discipline technology specialists, solution architects and technical associates, our department is a major leap towards realization of GBDG’s vision to establish itself as a preferred technology solution provider across the Europe, Middle East, African and Asian regions.

Below some examples of our software products developed in GBDG.


Bus iStop

Bus iStop

Bus iStop is a sturdy and powerful system with the aim to provide innovative services to monitor bus stops and shelters allowing the possibility to improve their safety and maintainance from the location where the system is used.

Bus iStop incorporates a vast amount of monitoring features that will permit to handle, monitor and control all the operations related to the bus stops.

The platform is web-based designed to be operated from a control room in order to control and monitor the bus stops installed in the country.

The software consists in four main modules, which are:

•  Cartography, with the map of all the bus stops of the project with access of the main information and live from the cameras;

•  Video Surveillance, with the access of the live streaming and recordings of the CCTV of the bus stops and control of the CCTV Video Walls and Monitors;

•  SCADA, with graphical representation and animated mimics of the devices installed in the bus stops;

•  O&M, with access of the open and closed events coming from the bus stop devices for the purpose of operation and maintenance of the equipment, with the possibility to create reports and extracts the statistics of the performance of the devices.




ARES (Adaptive Road Enforcement System) is a web-based system used to monitor the traffic flow and store travel data of every vehicle detected as they enter and exist a section of road.

ARES is introduced to help in speed enforcement with greater consistenc and accuracy, helping authorities to better manage.

Some of the key features are:
•  Instant speed measurement
•  Avarage speeed measurement
•  Customizable speed limit
•  Vehicle Class recognition
•  Centrilized online monitoring of the measured data
•  Coordination between Law Enforcement agencies and road         network operators
•  Digital Image and Image Processing
•  Automatic License Plate Recognition
•  Customizable Dashboards
 • GIS Cartography

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